Product managing your wedding

Maria Cerase
3 min readJul 14, 2017

When a couple decides to get married they usually have two options: organise the event themselves or hire someone.

When my husband and I — both product managers — decided to get married we figured we would do it ourselves: no amount of coordination nor trust could have given us the memories that we wanted to create, so we set on our path of becoming Wedding Product Managers!

Here are some tips on how to manage your wedding as a product.

Make your website stand out from the crowd

Identify the key features that your audience will want to use on your website and stick to the platform that gives you most of these. Beside the design of the template, consider if there are features for photo gallery, social buttons, forms, multi language support, mobile readiness.

Our guests and family speak different languages, so multi-language support was key and many solutions were too expensive. As the geeks we are, we decided to develop the website ourselves using:

Follow through on your Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing takes effort and strategic thinking: it’s meant to drive traffic to your wedding site to gain more engagement and build hype around the event.

We have totally failed at this, so the major tip is to follow through on your initial intention. Here is some more wisdom:

  • Before publishing a hashtag, check how it has been used on social media. You may find out unexpected content associated with it…
  • Consider using a scheduling tool to do the sharing for you at your desired intervals. There are loads of options out there that have free plans, for low usage, such as the one expected for a wedding use case. Check out this of 33 Social Media Scheduling Tools Compared article.

Email marketing

If you want professional emails, use professional tools! Creating a nice email is easy when you sign up for a…

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