Whenever I see a blogpost titled ‘How to be more productive’, or ‘The 5 habits of highly productive people’, I experience a gagging reflex.

In the past 5 to 10 years, blogging platforms and social media have been littered with those clickbait titles that leave you unhappy with yourself and…

Specialist jargon often baffles the uninitiated an impacts all professions: product management is no exception. I am going to burst some of the most cryptic jargon of day-to-day product management so that you can more quickly get to the bottom of what people are really talking about.

Stakeholder a.k.a. Nuisance no. 1

A stakeholder is…

When a couple decides to get married they usually have two options: organise the event themselves or hire someone.

When my husband and I — both product managers — decided to get married we figured we would do it ourselves: no amount of coordination nor trust could have given us…

The single most frequent question I have been asked as a product manager, has always been: “What’s your product vision?”.

My problem with this question is that the tech industry is riddled with the illusion of the omniscient product manager. I don’t believe that a product vision is something bestowed…

Maria Cerase

Eternal searcher, sample of Italian madness. Product and Usability expert. Find more about me on www.mariacerase.com

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